Terms & Conditions

These are terms and conditions of FNF’s marketing services agreement, effective as of May 17, 2019.

Partner will pay FNF all fees and charges as set forth and scheduled herein. All recurring Fees shall be invoiced in advance and shall be paid within ten (10) days of date of invoice. If any invoices from FNF exceed thirty (30) days outstanding from the invoice date, FNF shall have the right to suspend services to Partner.
Partner agrees to provide advertising material in a timely manner. The subject matter, form, size, wording, illustration, and typography of the advertising shall be subject to the approval of FNF. Unless otherwise authorized in advance, FNF will make no changes without the consent of Partner. If FNF is unable to set any advertisement in the type or style requested or if the advertisement occupies more space than specified herein, FNF shall immediately notify Partner and secure Partner’s new instructions. Otherwise, the advertising will be omitted with no refunds.
At the request of Partner, FNF will ship to Partner one copy of each issue in which Partner’s print advertising appears. At the request of Partner, FNF will email to Partner screenshots from websites and social media networks in which Partner’s digital advertising appears.
FNF is NOT a member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations or Business Publications Audit Circulation. FNF self-reports by aggregating online audience data from Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Instagram and Issuu.
Unintentional or inadvertent failure by FNF to publish the advertising covered by this order invalidates the order herein, but shall not constitute a breach of contract. Intentional omission by FNF after closing date of the advertising covered herein is permitted after consultation with Partner.
This Agreement and its validity, construction, breach, performance and operation shall be governed by the laws of the state of California.
Parties will use their best efforts to resolve any disputes, claims and controversies arising out of or relating to this Agreement or its breach (“Dispute”). If Dispute cannot be resolved, Parties agree that termination of Agreement is the sole recourse with all monetary obligations arbitrated and resolved by JAMS [jamsadr.com] and arbitration costs equally shared by both Parties.

The terms & conditions herein supercede all previous terms & conditions.