Muscle Honey

Muscle Honey

Muscle Honey

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The Ultimate Game Changer — Play harder, Recover faster.

The gel is a water-decoction of numerous herbs, roots, and berries that have been used for centuries by hunters, runners, and laborers to achieve these results. While the use of these herbs is traditional and well supported, the combination of them all in one trans-dermal gel is unique to this century. Where once, the herbs and berries had to be rubbed on the arms and legs, now it can be conveniently absorbed through the skin in this water-based trans-dermal gel. Never before, have athletes had the power of all of these natural constituents combined into one easy-to-apply gel. This represents a new day in herbal sports enhancement.

Let’s explore for a moment, the individual herbs that makeup Muscle Honey and the benefits that they offer the athlete.

Muscle Honey Sports Gel is intended to support athletes:

  • Improves muscle performance
  • Reduces the discomfort of competition
  • Improves waste clearance from muscles
  • Faster and better recovery

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