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Bone Broth the Liquid Gold?

Bone broth may not seem attractive at first, but it has become more popular of late for its so-called “miraculous” health benefits, from healing your gut, to restoring a youthful glow. This savory soup is make from simmering beef/poultry/pork meat, bones, and vegetables in a large pot of water leaving you with a nutrient powerhouse.

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Reinvent Yourself to Find Your Passion

You’ll be successful every minute of your life if you’re doing something you love whether you’re creating music, producing a theatre production or building a legacy company. Perhaps, you’re already doing something you love. If so, congratulations! Pat yourself on the back and carry on. Read more here! How Being Positive and Thankful Changed My

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Make Your Fashion Statement

What does fashion mean to you?In a day and age where the word “Fashion” is used constantly, from hashtags, to magazines like Elle, Stella and Vogue, to your daily day time talk show, have you ever stopped and wondered what fashion means to you as an individual? Let’s look at its meaning and origin: fash·ion ˈfaSHən/ noun 1. 1. 
a popular trend,

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