Anita Telle Joins FitNFabs

Anita Telle Joins FitNFabs

Anita Telle saw the immense value in joining the FitNFabs community, and is excited to be a part of it!  Following a career in modeling, Anita Telle and 4 partners started up a distribution company “Salon Technology”, which they grew to become a 22 million dollar company with 100 employees and 10 stores.

 In 2003 they decided to sell the company, at this time Anita started her career as a philanthropist, author and coach. She has 4 award winning books; in 2016 she was invited to Honduras by a member of UN to teach Anti Bullying at several schools.

Anita is also the creator of Gnomy’s Boo-boo bear an magical little bear filled with rice to “help with” Boo-Boo’s, the boo-boo bear has travelled all over the world teaching acceptance, kindness and anti-bullying.  Anita is also a funding member of Santa Cruz Children’s Charities as well as the creator of AstiLife Natural healing skin lotions. 

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