Fey Ugokwe, Esq. of The Pink Purse International Times Interfaces with Rosalidia

Fey Ugokwe, Esq. of The Pink Purse International Times Interfaces with Rosalidia
"And in each to each thing we learn--bending over backwards and picking up pieces of ourselves that were scattered jigsaw from this house to that, in the dew and dank that were the jungles of our youths. And those experiences, fastened back and connecting, depict the streams and cluttered paths from which we rose--tell the swiveling story of the who we are--and bear proof that the wind whirling within our flesh is directed, mission-mapped, and overwhelmingly pivotal to the planet. But the serial entrepreneurs, ah--they go the seven steps farther, don't they--standing bullies past on their hapless heads, mouths agape in a shame-pain, as they the visionaries take aim, launch, and launch again, flying well high and free above the trees forever. For influential, San Francisco-based serial entrepreneur, women's advocate, and women's business strategist Rosalidia Dubon @fitnfabs, there was a pre-adulthood puzzle trail from Cali to Honduras, Honduras to L.A., and L.A. to San Francisco that evening out, has marked the that which who she is today. And it was epic, and it was all about Woman, and I interfaced with her as between magazines and more biz, she opened up about her unique heritage, experiences, and yearnings."
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