At some point we all experience depression.

It is a soul killing experience that will make you half living ghost during that time. When you are depressed even regular tasks will feel like excruciating and feel like burden. Though there are medicines to cure depression, they are not the only solution. Scores of studies have proved that exercise is powerful in combating depression. In fact some studies suggest that it is even more effective than any medication. It also helps people save on medical bills and also curtail the intake of drugs with harmful side effects.

Here are four ways in which exercise helps combat depression:

Mood elevating hormones

Exercise stimulates your body into releasing hormones like norepinephrine, a hormone that enhances cognitive thinking, aids learning and enhances mood. Exercise also elevates heart rate and this can potentially reverse brain atrophy commonly caused by stress. Exercise forces different systems of the body to communicate better and prepare it to respond better to anxiety and stress.

Improves confidence level

Studies have shown that people with obesity are common victim of low self-esteem. That’s because they realize that their appearance is different from everyone else. Moreover their inabilities to perform various common daily tasks with ease also ads to their depression level. Regular exercise helps body release endorphins which is a feel good hormone (good to combat depression) and leads to weight loss eventually.

Improves lives of people with medical condition

Exercise helps people with medical condition live better life. Certain medical conditions can seriously limit mobility. For example severe thyroid condition can badly damage knee and restrict movement. However exercise can lead to big improvement in the condition and also help people living in such condition lead a healthier and happier life. Regular exercise also helps relieve (or ease) scores of health issues such as hypertension, diabetes and several other chronic medical conditions and lifestyle diseases.

Exercise makes you feel more energetic

The kind of busy lifestyle we are living, it pushes most of us to lead a sedentary lifestyle. It puts us at risk of lifestyle disorder. Lack of physical activity also impacts our ability handle stress. Starting a day with exercise help fight stress, eliminate negative thoughts, and enables to become more productive throughout the day, leading to feeling of contentment and joy.

Turn your life around with regular workout regime. You will live healthier and happier life. Exercise is the best medicine for depression.


Rosalidia Dubon

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  • Rosalidia Dubon