A lot of people have been mixing their own charcoal masks to extract black heads from their pores. Don’t worry it’s not the same charcoal you use on your BBQ! It is called activated charcoal and its intended use is actually for intestinal health. People have been filming their experiences on YouTube and Facebook Lives. Some say it is the “strongest mask they have ever used”. It is all over everywhere!

Make sure you look up the correct ingredients for your skin type. Some people add water and bentonite clay instead of glue.

  • Non-toxic glue
  • 2 Charcoal pills-extract charcoal powder from the capsule
  • Optional-peppermint oil

If you are going to make your own mask please remember to not place it anywhere you have hair on your face. Also keep away from delicate areas under your lips and eyes. When you are finished make sure to wipe with a warm cloth to clean the rest of the debris off your face. If you haven’t already search it on YouTube and check it out for yourself!

I personally would not be brave enough to try it.


Your beauty consultant,

Jessica Hernandez

LimeLight by Alcone- Professional Makeup & Free of harmful chemicals skin care line.

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