My Home Detox journey started when I became a mom. After my son was born, I realized the importance of leading a healthy and holistic lifestyle. I started buying organic, whole foods, working out regularly and eliminating all household products that contained harsh chemicals.  My family deserved the best and I was on a mission to find natural and healthy alternatives. That’s when I discovered essential oils. I found out very quickly that THERE IS AN OIL FOR EVERYTHING! Literally!! At that time, I had no idea that joining Young Living would have such a huge impact on my life. Not only have I learned numerous ways to incorporate oils in my everyday life but I also discovered ways to eliminate all toxic chemicals from my home. As I started sharing my experience (it was too good not to share) and educating others on how to do the same, I realized how passionate I was about helping others. As all this was happening, I was selected to become the Director of Program Development for the Home Detox Consulting Group.

What an amazing opportunity this has been!! Over all, our team has helped over 1000 people detox their homes and I couldn’t be happier to be involved in such an amazing movement. I love making a difference in peoples lives and I truly enjoy hearing their success stories with the use of essential oils. My mission is to continue to help others and educate them on how essential oils can change their lives. If you’re ready to make small, simple changes in your life that will have a huge impact, then you’re ready to start your home detox journey.

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